• 1 Taizu

    Taizu encompasses Chef Yuval Ben Neriah’s personal culinary journey and exploration of local street food from Southeast Asia. Prior to opening Taizu, Neriah embarked on a 3-month journey to study and experience the textures, colors, spices and flavors of the local street food. After returning to Israel, Neriah began a…
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  • 2 Pronto

    The classic Italian fragrance and modernity that breeds borders have made the old Pronto restaurant into an exciting Tel Aviv institution. When the film director Rafi Adar returned from the Italian provinces, he quickly wrapped the heart of Tel Aviv bohemian in a warm Italian tone, and Adar founded his…
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  • 3 Abraxas North

    Another of celebrity chef Eyal Shani’s establishments, the seasonal menu changes daily depending on available ingredients or catch of the day. A couple of delectable dishes often on the menu include lamb shawarma marinated overnight in wine grapes from the Judean Hills, and cold shrimp with green onions and tomatoes…
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  • 4 Cafe Noir

    Café Noir opened in 1997 when Rafi Bader, along with childhood friend Gideon Eliyahu, came together to establish a restaurant in the burgeoning center of Tel Aviv. They aimed to create a place that combines a European food tradition with the taste and atmosphere desired by a Tel Aviv clientele.
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